What I offer

There are many reasons why you might consider working with me. Here are some – but it is not an exhaustive list and you are welcome to be in touch to enquire further.

  • Work with children and young people: Children and young people have always had all sorts of challenges to navigate, but since times of lockdown there is clearly an increased need for safe, supportive spaces where they can process experiences and feelings in ways that do not rely purely on verbal exchange. I work with children and young people of all ages. My particular specialisms are with early trauma and attachment, but you may be seeking therapy for a broad range of emotional needs: please enquire to find out if I may be able to help your child with their particular situation.
  • Attachment/dyadic work: Having worked in adoption support for ten years, I am experienced in supporting parents together with their children in sessions. In such work we seek to strengthen the attachment relationship and understand some of the blocks to attachment that may be occurring; to facilitate the processing of a child’s early trauma and losses within the attachment relationship; to allow the child to revisit some of the steps in their earlier development that they may have missed out on, including learning to play, and for the parent to be able to be there alongside them as they revisit these earlier stages. While adoption has been my area of specialism I am equally open to offering dyadic work where a young child lives with foster carers or birth family, as appropriate to the situation.
  • Parents: I offer safe space for parents to consider the issues facing their children; to explore the impact on parents, to make sense of the parent-child relationship and how parents can look after themselves. A one-off consultation may be all you feel you need, which might be part of ongoing dyadic work, or you may find that more in-depth work is helpful. We can, as and when you are ready, explore your experiences of being parented, becoming conscious of what you bring from your own history that you may need to understand and re-process. It may be that you as a parent are the person with the most immediate need for therapeutic work. In such cases we would carefully consider whether a separate therapist is needed for the child or the parent, to ensure each person’s needs are met.
  • Learning how to play: Every person not only deserves to, but NEEDS to be able to play: to be given the safety, permission and invitation to make play possible, regardless of our age. Our creativity is key to our wellbeing, resilience and to finding our purpose in life. Many adults may have missed out as children on the right opportunities and conditions to be able to play as fully as they might have done and it can inhibit us in situations as adults and limit our potential. Using a synthesis of creative and somatic approaches, I aim to create the safety to open possibilities towards joy, fun, delight… and wherever a person deeply desires to go. This may require attention to some of the fears, judgements or defensive patterns that block the safety for play and creativity.
  • Professionals experiencing stress and burnout: Pressures on services, now heightened since Covid, have deeply impacted professionals in many areas to the point of emotional distress, long term sickness from the workplace and burnout. I invite clients seeking support to consider their situation as stemming from the body’s natural signal that something needs to change, rather than in terms of illness. We may begin by simply listening to the body and find grounding and safety to help regulate the distress; when able, we can explore and integrate an understanding of how this situation has arisen; and within somatic and creative work there often arise new possibilities, for how life might look going forward and the agency to make things happen for the better.
  • Early years support: Working in the area of adoption I am experienced in using the inherent qualities of music to support the strengthening of attachment relationships from early on. I welcome enquiries from community based organisations in the Edinburgh and Lothians areas supporting vulnerable young families. Musical interaction with singing, games and small instruments can be offered in groups, or as part of existing groups, in a way that is both skilled and sensitive and equally feels informal, welcoming, supportive and fun.
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