So what happens in our work…?

Everyone is unique. I work with each person or family to find the right synthesis for their situation, of play and creativity, words, thinking, reflection, restful space, and attention to somatic processing. The space holds musical instruments that do not require skills to play, small objects or toys for play, paper and pastels, and cushions, chairs, blankets, etc for what the body needs. We seek the right balance of felt experience: for example if a person is re-processing trauma, there is a fine balance of how much uncomfortable or negative emotion can be tolerated without overwhelm. Sometimes a person may wish to speak a lot, or for the whole session, other times hardly at all. They may wish to co-create or play collaboratively, or to be witnessed in their creative process. They may wish to listen to music, to write or improvise. There is room in equal measure for joy, mischievousness, grief, confusion, anger, fear, fun – it is all welcome. 

Therapeutic work is tailored to each person’s needs in terms of their developmental stage, capacities and strengths. During our initial time together I let each person become acquainted with some of the different ways of working that are possible and appropriate for their situation – either verbally or by simply allowing time to explore the room and creative materials.

For the parent/child dyad, we may find ourselves in various configurations: for example sometimes the therapist is witnessing and guiding the parent and child, sometimes the parent is witnessing as the therapist works more directly with the child’s process; sometimes we are a group of three that takes turns. I communicate with parents in between sessions to articulate my thinking around the therapeutic choices I make in this regard, to receive useful feedback and information from the parent and to make sure the therapeutic process is comfortable for everyone involved.

It is of the utmost importance to me that I create as safe a space for you as possible. There is no pressure to do any particular thing. My intention is to work in a collaborative way with you to find out what you need and attune to your pace. 

In my thinking about therapeutic process, I draw on a variety of perspectives: relational or psychodynamic, neurobiological, creative and spiritual or transpersonal. In our dialogue you may be drawn to particular perspectives that sit well and make the most sense to you. It is open to you to take or leave these.

Please see the next page for information about the approaches I bring from my main professional trainings.

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